Human Resources Policy

GARDEN OF SUN knows well that the most strong side of the rivalry is the qualified manpower and improved its Human Resources Policy which it formed with the certain rules in the frame of the importance and respect for the right and sensitiveness of its staff. GARDEN OF SUN has seen that the efficiency is at its highest limits when the all the rights of the staff is met fully and has admitted all the facts in this perspective. It has shaped its human resources policy according to this point of view.


GARDEN OF SUN admits that investing for a team coming together around a deep-rooted culture and goals, highly motivated, principled, and open for improvement as the basic principle. GARDEN OF SUN gives the deserved value for every idea with its principle of accuracy and diligence, gives the priority to performance values in career building, gives a great importance to the personal and vocational development of its staff and contributes to this fact in every area and brings all the factors fostering the success and rewards them.

If you think that you have a place within GARDEN OF SUN and that your potential will contribute to the name of GARDEN OF SUN, please send your CV to Human Resources section together with your employment application form.




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