• While providing unconditional satisfaction to of our guests, we also have the mission of contributing to the national economy and toursim sector in our region, with by our innovative and entrepreneurial approach.
  • Providing a reliable, honest and visible pension service without conceding from legal, academic and ethical principles.
  • Buy using training, evaluating and recruitment techniques consistently to provide a management and operating system that renews and progresses simultaneously.


  • Generate solutions in order to provide high qualifed service that implements itself consistently, to be a leader and dominant brand in the region.
  • Obey National and International Laws, as the corporation and personaly.
  • Without conceding from the legal, academic and ethical principles, provide a high quality service a reliable, honest and visible pension service to our guests and our personnel.


  • The main principles our Quality Policy and Management Philosopy is;
    To constitute a service mentality concentrated on the "Satisfaction of the guests and the Personnel", based on the Quality Management. System accredited by the ISO standarts.

    Using evaluating and recruitment techniques consistently to establish a model management and operational system. To train and improve ourselves consistently.


  • To keep the Turkish hospitality alive.
  • To serve perfectly.
  • To imbue our staff with team spirit.
  • To offer a cheerful, sincere and clear working environment and service.
  • To carry out a continuous improvement and development for a quality service.
  • To give the trainings importance for a continuous improvement and development.
  • To see the priorities of our guests as our priorities.
  • To develop the product and service quality in direction of the guests.
  • To pay a strict attention to serve and produce in internationally admitted hygiene and sanitation standards.
  • To follow the novelties and improvements in service sector and technology.
  • To provide confidence and devotion.
  • To be innovative and leader in our region.


Garden Of Sun, for a livable and open to future development, in all its activities, seen as an effective element of the environmental protection policy and the possible loss of all their work to reduce to the lowest level, the Environmental Management System to maintain our separate matter vermiştir.b aims natural environment and improve to do their utmost to have adopted the task.

With this initiative,

  • Act according to all laws and legislation related to the environment.
  • Always consider the environmental aspects of the activities to be carried out.
  • Important factors that electricity, water and takes measures to use energy sources such as fuel-saving.
  • Environmental damage that might be done in the process detects activities by planning in advance to minimize.
  • By instill the importance of environmental policy to every newcomer individuals, contribute to the training of members.
  • By coming together in this purpose cooperation with other organizations, will contribute to the development of planned work.
  • Production activities of the solid and liquid waste as a result of the laws and regulations are taught in accordance with nature.
  • Be disposed of in accordance with all chemicals used for cleaning and disinfection is achieved.


"All reviews are present for us."

Garden Of Sun Hotel, with its innovative and enterprising mission, aiming to transfer to the highest level of unconditional customer satisfaction.

Garden Of Sun Hotel has its guest satisfaction and starts everyday through its guest eyes.
With its innovative, creative and solution-orientated approach, Garden Of Sun Hotel uses continuous measurement and improvement mechanisms.

Based on ISO standards, formed with the quality management system, adopts the idea of guests and staff satisfaction orientated service, and uses a management and operating system.

In this respect, our guests complaints, satisfaction, and suggestions;

  • to listen carefully,
  • to look over the issues through its guest eyes, to make empathy,
  • to search,
  • to produce quick and effective solution,
  • to improve,
  • to measure effectiveness,
  • to make feedback to the guests,
  • to change guests complaints into satisfaction,
These are the implementation stages of the Complaints Management Policy.

All reviews from our guest are present for Garden Of Sun Hotel. Because you are special for us.